Friday, August 8, 2008

Kaydon Update

So last night I received a message from Kaydon's Cardiologist asking to call him back to go over the results of Kaydon's tests but not to worry because it is nothing tragic!!! Talk about an unsettling way to go to bed ( especially with Kasey out of town)I called first thing this morning and have waited till now to get a call back. Unfortunately no Dr's our in today so I was talking to the nurse. Anyways, he was reading the notes and wanted to tell me that he has cardiac dysrhythmia! Nothing " tragic" ( I really am not a fan of that word at this point) is what he said but that the Dr. would call and explain the results and what the follow up will be. He let me know that it is benign ( I thought that was a cancer term) and that he could only read the notes and the Dr.would be able to explain everything! I just wanted to keep those of you who have been asking updates. We should know more next week.Thanks for all your prayers