Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas in our new house

Our tree is up, the stockings are hung and the lights shine outside on our house......

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet the newest Richardson!!!

Okay so for the past 2 years I have wanted to change Kaydon's last name. It has been almost 3 years sense he last saw his biological Father and 2 years from the last conversation. Kaydon has no clue who the man is and has come to love Kasey and look at him as his DADDY!! A true blessing to me. I have been able to watch a love grow that is not out of a DNA bond so to say. It is amazing to me to see Kaydon look at Kasey and know that this is his Daddy and to know that is true. Regardless of who his Biological Father is. A Daddy is so much more. I have a new understanding on how "adoption" feels to people. Love is amazing and it has no strings.

On November 10, Kaydon became Kaydon John Henry Richardson! I LOVE IT!!!! Many have asked why the Henry was added. Well in Kasey's family it is tradition to have an H middle name if you are a boy. He brought up that Kaydon should not be an exception- he is his son :) It was easy to figure out what it would be- Henry is my Father's middle name- who Kaydon has always adored. What an incredible feeling to stand in front of the judge, with Kasey behind me, hearing him say Kaydon's new name! It was music to my ears, even though that is what we always called him. Knowing that it was real feels FANTASTIC!

I feel like he has such a strong name! And so does he. He has no idea what just happened, he thought this was already his name. One day, when he is old enough I will explain it to him, and why I did it. I will never hide who Alex is- and there is no changing that. He contributed a genetic piece of what makes Kaydon so special. Kasey is leaving the imprints on his heart! He is going to show him what it means to be a Dad and I know how much Kaydon will appreciate Kasey when he is older. They have a great bond.As strong as any Father and Son I have ever known. I am so thankful to God every day to have led me down the path to get to where I am today. I have changed and grown. I have learned so much on the way. God is in control and his plan for us is great! Even if we can't see it.

This was a day to remind me of that. That your past does not dictate our future... but it did leave a mark!

Thank you for all your prayers during this process.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Birthday date with Blake

One of the things that is important to Kasey and I is to spend quality time alone with each of the kids. So one of our birthday traditions is to take them on a date. With only having Blake part time, it was hard to find a date night. But thanks to nana and Papa we were able to take him out and the other 3 had a blast in their spa! Thank You guys!!!
Blake has always wanted to make his own " build a bear' He will borrow one of the other kids bears to sleep with at night. So we decided to take him to make his own "bear". What a suprise it was for him.... and we even went to eat pizza- his favorite- at California Pizza Kitchen( one of my favorites) We had so much fun watching him bring his bear to life and figure out 'who" he was. With much thought and time he finally came up with a name.... MIKE MIKEY RICHARDSON!!!!!
As Mike has became part of our family we have watched Blake be nuturing! It is so sweet to see him tuck him in and bring him along to play. He is a sweetheart under all that energy!!!! I love that boy!!!!!
Happy Birthday Blake!!!!! I pray that you never loose your energy or fun spirit! You have a competitive nature and a kind heart! You are one special kid!!!!