Monday, March 29, 2010


So I jumped in on the kick of finding ONE WORD to focus on/ live by for the year! I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was the right word for me. So many came to mind.....

  1. FAITH
  2. LIVE
  3. PLAY
  4. LAUGH
  5. PRAY
  10. LOVE
and with all those I didn't know which one to choose. I liked them all! So as I worked on my other goals from my Mom's group it hit.........


I love it... it is perfect and exactly what I want to do. Live for today.. enjoy .. laugh.... love... be grateful for what God has given me and the people I have in my life. Things may be hard, hurtful, messy, crazy ... but there is always so much to celebrate. I am blessed in so many ways. I know that and at times I ( as do so many of us) forget to see it. It has been hard not being able to achieve our dream of having a baby together.. it gets depressing. And life gets in the way, money gets tight, I get my feelings hurt by the things people do and I start to focus on the fact that we just can't catch a beak.

But no more!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong.. I am by no means giving up on the chance of us having a baby.. it will happen in God's time ( letting go and letting God- much easier said then done ) !!!! What I want to do is enjoy the ride and laugh at the ups as well as the Downs. It is like a roller coaster.. FUN... FAST... SCARY... But so worth it!

At 30 years old I want to smile... be at peace.. enjoy .. live... Celebrate what today brings. And I want people to see the joy and Celebration in me! I want my friends and family to know how much they mean to me, I want to mend broken relationships, enjoy the kids while there kids, smell the roses and be happy!Life is short and a gift and I am going to CELEBRATE it!! I want to teach our kids o do the same!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here's to you... Day 1

I am counting down the days to our 4th Anniversary! Amazing! Time has just flown by. I have been trying to figure out exactly what we should do to celebrate this year and was drawing a blank. Actually, I thought of so many things, unfortunately this past year has REALLY killed us because of Medical bills. Looking back we have had a lot of medical issues since we have been married.. but this past year has topped them all! Between kids breaking arms, illness, teeth, gallbladder ( to name a few) our budget is VERY tight. So what could I do different this year to make it special? I have to be creative and resourceful!!!!!!

I have a plan and am still working out all the details but my concept is to count down the next 7 days doing something special for Kasey every day! I know it sounds easy and it could be but I am using thoughtfulness and effort as my gifts! So I need to think outside the box and come up with things that will really surprise him.. with spending very little to NO MONEY!

With that said.. today I did the outside house work! That may seem simple because we usually do it together on the weekends.. but I did it with the thought that this weekend he would not have to think about ANY yard work. I pulled weeds, edged the yard, MOWED ( Yes those are 2 things I have never done before... I hope he is impressed) worked in the garden ( both flower and veggie), swept rocks and finished off with a good watering of everything. This way all he has to do this weekend is relax!

this is just half of the backyard but you get the point :)

Now to think of what to do for the rest of the week.......please throw out any ideas you may have!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Power of Moms

Okay so for 2 years I loved my Live Laugh Love club and have truly missed meeting with the girls every month this past year. So when my cousin Kymberly came to me with The Power of Moms club.. I was in!!! So we had our first meeting in March and it was wonderful. Great conversation... inspiration.. uplifting.. just great. Well we were sent home with homework.

  1. Come up with 1 thing you will not do for a month

This was easy! I knew right away what I would do and not do. What would you have choose? My Not is I am not going to be Negative. Now I am not a negative person, however I have started to fall into a negative mindset. It could be about people's intentions or a "what else could go wrong mentality". I wanted to get rid of that thinking. Be positive! Not just most of the time.. but all the time. Especially when times get hard or feelings get hurt or life throws a curve ball. Because the idea that we still haven't been able to have a baby has really weighed heavy on my heart and my mind. So this simple task was to help.. just don't be negative! I started off great.. with such optimism. When Kaydon broke his arm.. I thought at least it was his left and no bones were sticking out. But I must confess I have caught my mind going to that complaining/ negative mind set. This is harder then I thought.. but overall I am doing great. I know that God is in control.. that we will have a baby and that there is always a brighter side to look at. Forgiveness is hard but freeing and life is to short to look at the downside. So keep wishing me luck .. this one is sticking out longer then a month :)

2. Something you are going to do for yourself

This one was a little trickier for me. My first thought was to start running again- which I already started; then it was to blog; then to read more. But nothing felt right. Those were things I wanted to do and things that I don't catch myself putting off because I feel guilty.. it is more out of bad habit. So I decided that I wanted to get back into crafting.. I LOVE IT! I feel so creative and happy when I do.. and I catch myself putting it off because I feel like there is cleaning or laundry or something else I should be doing instead of a " hobby". This is perfect.. Hobbies are good- good for your soul. So far I have been very type A and have tried to figure out where I can get things out so it isn't a project to just begin ( i need a workspace that I can leave stuff out ) I have some great ideas to start and will post as I get them done... I just need to find my space around the house.

I really am excited to do both of these things and be back in "my club" I will keep you all posted on how I am doing!


I have to say this is one of my favorite places.. I love Vegas! I wish we could go more and go to more shows but I just love it. I love to walk the strip, shop (even if it is window shopping) sit and have a drink by the pool, gamble , enjoy dinner out... to have no schedule at all! I am so blessed that Kasey's work sends us every year. What a treat! It is typically our only get-a-way a year just the two of us. And it is always near our anniversary ( and we got married here) so we try to make it special. Every year we pick something new to do.. this year.... it was the roller coaster at New York New York. FUN! I love roller coasters!!! Thank you honey for another incredible weekend.
Another side note is that because we go with his work.. we get to hang out with some of his family, dinner with his Dad, I hung out by the pool with his Aunt, spend time with his cousins, we so some gambling together and every year his Uncle Jack gets out and dances with me. I love it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring "break" literally!!!!!

March 15th ( Mitch's Birthday) and the 1st day of Spring Break... YEAH!!!! I love this time of year.. I love having time to hang with the kids and relax.. take some time off the busy schedule.We were having a great day, the weather was perfect and we had all the kids! I decided to walk the kids down to the park and Kaydon was determined to be able to do the monkey bars just like Blake. So up he went and one hand after another he got it! He was on cloud nine and continued to do it over and over.. he reached his goal :) I think he was a little too confident and the next thing I know on the 16th time across he swung is legs to help with the momentum and the next thing I know his feet are as high as his head and he is falling straight down and lands on his arm/back. ' I BROKE MY ARM" is all I could make out in the crying. I got him home and he calmed down.. I took a look and he could move his hand so I figured the best thing would be to ice and elevate it and keep an eye on it. He seemed to favor it but it didn't slow him down from running and playing. So off to bed we went. The next morning he woke me up because he couldn't use his arm to pull his pants down to go to the bathroom... I took 1 look at his arm and knew we had to go. It began to swell, it hurt to rest it down and was starting to bruise. Urgent care he we come...... ( Thank you mom for watching the kids while we went)

AS soon as we walked in the DR. said.. " yep it is broken.... lets do some x-rays to figure out what we have". Let me just take a minute to say that he didn't complain once about pain or anything... his only concern.. is that he can get a RED cast!!! He broke his Iris in his left arm and a hairline fracture in the other bone. Now to get find an orthopedic to cast it and look at it before we head to Vegas on Thursday! What a way to start Spring break..

After Many phone calls I got Kaydon in Wednesday afternoon. He said that there doesn't appear to be any damage to the tendinitis so he didn't need a full arm cast! 4 weeks in his red cast and then we will see if he needs a splint when they take it off! Luckily it is his Left arm!

This wasn't our first broken bone in the family.. Carlie broke her arm in the Fall while riding her bike. Good times..I didn't expect these two to be the first to break bones. Kids - you just never know!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where do I begin?!!?!?!?!?!?

It is amazing how long it has been! I am such a type A person that I was having a difficult time writing when I was so far behind. I felt like I had to go back and catch up on all the things I have missed before I add to what is going on today! Well part of my new years resolution was to let go of that "anal" side. Don't get me wrong.. there are many reasons I love it and in many areas I won't let it go.. but there are others that I do!
We got a diagnosis for Kaydon and after a very long 1st quarter ( for all of us) we seem to be making a lot of progress. He has Sensory Integration disorder, ADHD, Anxiety disorder, Fine motor delay and a couple other things . With that we were able to get some help at school.WE moved to the Am tops at school so his days are shorter and he has social skills classes after school. His teacher is AMAZING and they really seem to MESH! Kasey and I are learning a lot. Some days it is so frustrating because he doesn't "get" some of the simple things that we all take for granted. I am glad that we have so much support to help us on this long journey!
As for me.. I am finding myself more and more every day! I a a lucky girl with the best husband, great kids, an awesome family and wonderful friends!