Sunday, January 2, 2011

21 day challenge

So with the word SIMPLIFY as my focus this year.... I came across this 21 day challenge on a great Blog A BOWL FULL OF LEMONS! So today I begin my challenge.. and you should to! It is easy simple things that you can get done in a day. Good Luck

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Wow.. Welcome 2011! Not only did this past year fly by.. we are embarking on a new decade! The sound of that just revived me for a fresh new start.. more so then the normal new year. So to start the year I had to come up with my ONE WORD!!! I was having a had time picking just one from my list so I asked my better half what he thought and without hesitation he said "SIMPLIFY." I will be honest that sound of the was so refreshing, energizing and freeing! That was it!!! So as we sat and ate I of course could not stop thinking about this word and what that meant and if it would really be a good one. I actually started to get anxiety over it! There was so many things that I want to do this year that Simplifying didn't seem to fit. So we talked it out.. and he was right! It is perfect and I need to take it so much deeper. I am pretty organized and I like my routine and lists.. but it is so much more then that. I am a worrier, stress er, over thinker! I hold on to things and want to fix it all. So the word SIMPLIFY is EXACTLY what I need!!! This is what it breaks down to.... if you don't use it,love it,need it..... lose it!

  • I will get rid of objects/ items
  • Everything will be organized and kept that way
  • No more procrastinating on crafts/ projects...I will work on them and get them done... or let them go!
  • The worry and anxiety I get.. I will give to God! I am making a God box that we can all write things we need to let go of ( on paper) and give to God ( put in the box and let go of)
  • I will not OVER THINK!
  • Having an open heart.. letting go of heart and pain

So this is just a quick overview of what I will be focusing on and working on personally this year. I am really excited about it and can't wait to see what this does to my life and our family.

I hope you all have a blessed and loving New Year!!!!