Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Basic H saved the day!!!!!

So today has started off a little rough. I know it is only 11:00 in the morning.. but still! I had a hard time sleeping last night because my Mr. was gone for business. I woke up tired and ready for coffee!!!! As I got my cup ready and took a few sensational rejuvenating sips I woke up Kaydon to get ready for school. He was not cooperating and just kept saying how sore he was and that he was tired. i checked and no fever.. so up and at um! As I went upstairs to gt myself ready I placed my coffee on my desk and then.. splat! Coffee all over my desk, my papers and my carpet! AHHH!!! Off to school we go and it is my mooring to volunteer in his class before I have to go to work (a good 30 minutes a week) . We get there and by the time we get into class.. his stomach hurts. I check again, no fever. He goes to the bathroom and within 15 minutes he wants to go home. So I decide that he can go with me to work and lay in the office area. My parents are also out of town so I have nobody to stay at home with him. By the time we get to the car.. he gets sick. His allergies have been acting up some because of the pollen so I think ( and pray) that that is what caused it. Off to work we go and 5 minutes later I know that it is not allergies/asthma as he gets sick again all over in the car. I stop at school and luckily my wonderful boss can sub for me as nobody wants this kid on campus! I get my classroom set up and we are homeward bound with bucket in hand! I get Kaydon bathed and in bed, laundry started and now there is no more pushing off the cleaning of the car. I hate this job even though it is something I have done a million time. Kaydon gets sick often... or lets say he used to. He gets car sick and we are always prepared with our special " bowl" for those trips. The spur of the moment sickness .. not so much. Vomit seems to be one of those things that is hard to get out of upholstery! Is just seeps in and stinks. But this time I am using the Shakalee products and I have loved how they work. So off to the car with Basic H in hand. OH MY I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT AGAIN! It cleaned all the " hit zones" the first time. i went back and no residual matter or spots. Nothing came back as a reminder of my morning.. and the car does not smell like PUKE!!!!!!

Basic H Saved the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This day just might turn around yet!

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